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The ladies behind the cake.

Lady Grey Seattle is the brainchild of Alia Al-Hatlani and Becca Hapke, two women whose food obsession brought them to the Seattle Culinary Academy, where it seems they were destined to meet. 

Alia | Lead Decorator

Alia approaches her cakes from an artist's perspective. To say she is food-obsessed is an understatement, but it was ultimately her need for a creative outlet during her office job days that brought her to cake. 

Becca | Head Baker

Becca is what Alia likes to call, "a flavor genius." Her understanding of what flavors work together, whether they're twists on a classic or unique and unexpected, are always downright delicious (just take her buttermilk cake, cinnamon blueberry compote and maple buttercream pairing- blueberry pancakes anyone?).  

Together they're determined to prove you can have it all: a cake that tastes just as good as it looks. 

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