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the classics

Vanilla buttermilk cake, vanilla pastry cream filling 

*make it funfetti

*summer only- add fresh berries

the fun stuff 

Pistachio cake, whipped cream cheese filling, tart raspberry sauce

Vanilla buttermilk cake, maple buttercream, blueberry cinnamon compote 

the seasonals | spring

Vanilla buttermilk cake, blackberry buttercream, lemon curd

Vanilla buttermilk cake, brown sugar almond buttercream, caramelized Bourbon peaches

Dark chocolate cake, chocolate pudding filling 

Dark chocolate cake, cinnamon spiced chocolate cream cheese filling

Dark chocolate cake, Earl Grey buttercream, salted caramel drizzle 

Dark chocolate cake, Nutella buttercream candied hazelnuts 

All of our cakes are finished in our Swiss meringue vanilla buttercream.

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