the classics

Vanilla buttermilk cake with Swiss meringue buttercream *

Dark chocolate cake with chocolate pudding filling *

Dark chocolate cake with Oreo cream cheese filling *

Dark chocolate cake with earl grey buttercream and salted caramel drizzle *

the fun stuff 

Pistachio cake with whipped cream cheese filling and tart raspberry sauce

Vanilla buttermilk cake with maple buttercream and blueberry cinnamon compote *

Hazelnut cake with chocolate ganache and coffee buttercream

Dark chocolate cake with homemade "Nutella" buttercream candied hazelnuts *

the seasonals | summer

Black tea cake, honey buttercream, lemon curd *

Almond poppyseed cake, vanilla buttercream, spiced plum jam *

Vanilla buttermilk cake, brown sugar almond buttercream, caramelized Bourbon peaches *

Lavender buttermilk cake, lemon curd *

Lemon poppyseed cake with cream cheese and lemon curd *

Carrot cake with rum browned butter cream cheese filling

* Gluten free option available. Please contact us for pricing. 

All of our cakes are finished in our Swiss meringue vanilla buttercream.