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SLOW ROASTED STRAWBERRIES | sour cream cake, whipped cream cheese filling

EARL GREY | dark chocolate cake, salted caramel, Earl Grey buttercream

BLACKBERRY | vanilla buttermilk cake, lemon curd, blackberry buttercream

PISTACHIO CAKE | whipped cream cheese, tart raspberry sauce

CARAMELIZED BOURBON PEACHES | vanilla buttermilk cake, brown sugar almond buttercream

NUTELLA | dark chocolate cake, candied hazelnuts, Nutella buttercream

CARROT | carrot pineapple cake, brown butter cream cheese filling

MAPLE BLUEBERRY | vanilla buttermilk cake, maple buttercream, cinnamon blueberry compote

2024 tasting menu

Ready to talk cake?


cookie dessert bars are offered as an add-on, and must meet an order minimum of $800, including cake costs

CLASSIC | chocolate chip cookie, flake salt

BANANA| homemade salted toffee cookie

MAPLE| cinnamon snickerdoodle

DOUBLE CHOCOLATE| brownie cookie

Take home tasting boxes can be purchased here

Please inquire below for in-person tasting availability.

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